2020 Car Of The Year Winner Is The New Peugeot 208

The latest Peugeot has become the European Car of the Year. We are proud to say that Hidria has also contributed to this prestigious title with its state-of-art technology. The award-winning model´s diesel engine DV5R is equipped with Hidria glow plug. And this is not all. Hidria also produces key parts of the aluminum steering system.

Hidria parts signicantly improve the handling, economy and environmental friendliness of this year’s winner among European cars.

The European Car of 2020 was selected by 60 journalists from 23 countries. In the end, Peugeot 208 defeated many major car models in the nals, such as the BMW 1 Series, Porsche Taycan, Tesla 3, Ford Puma, Renault Clio and Toyota Corolla. Peugeot’s victory is a great recognition for Hidria, its quality and innovation.

Glow plug for 1,5 BlueHDI is already available for Aftermarket.
HIDRIA OEM code: 5011 725 166
HIDRIA Aftermarket code: H5 254
PSA Peugeot Citroën glow plug code: 9809088180

Hidria glow plugs are oered to the market with 5-year warranty because we believe in premium quality of our products.

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